Bernadette Faustine C. Balao

Government Corporate Attorney III OGCC Legal Team 2
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Atty. Balao joined the OGCC in 2017. As a government corporate attorney, she has reviewed various government contracts involving a wide range of transactions such as major PPP projects and government loan transactions. She also practices litigation and handles arbitration cases. She has earned recognition from the OGCC for her performance, particularly in the drafting of contract reviews and legal opinions, and for efficiently providing legal services to her OGCC team’s client corporations. Immediately after joining the OGCC, Atty. Balao was also recognized for her exemplary performance as a new addition to the organization.

Atty. Balao earned both her Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degrees from the University of Santo Tomas. She has attended seminars and trainings on various legal subjects to ensure her continued professional development. In 2022, she also completed an online introductory course on Environmental Law and Policy that was authorized by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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